WATCH: Trump owns the media in response to Woodward allegations…

 Today Bob Woodward released audio and allegations that Trump downplayed the virus in March after admitting how serious it was in February, which the MSM is eating up today like the phony Russia-gate. Below is the audio cued up to play at 1:16:

Today Trump was asked to respond to these allegations and he did just that, saying he never wanted to create a public panic over the virus and instead wanted to provide leadership for the country in order to deal with the virus (cued up to 7:17):

Trump made clear to the media that creating a panic would lead to even bigger problems and that he was absolutely not going to do that.

And what Trump said is true. He did provide leadership in bringing the public sector together to deal with the urgent needs of hospitals when it came to medical supplies AND testing. The government also ended up nearly shutting the entire economy down to contain the spread of the virus.

I’m not sure what more the media thinks Trump should do and why they believe creating panic was a better solution. One reporter asked Trump if he would take the blame for some of the 200,000 deaths in this country, which is ridiculous, as Trump pointed out. If Trump didn’t do anything in March when the pandemic was announced by the WHO,

 I could understand the hostility in some of these questions. But it’s just the opposite. I honestly thought Trump did great in answering these allegations and thus, like all other political hit jobs against him, this will do nothing, no matter how breathlessly CNN reports it. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is having his campaign script all of his answers and the media can be bothered to even report on that.


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