WATCH: CNBC host calls Nancy Pelosi 'Crazy Nancy' during interview

 Jim Cramer, a CNBC host, slipped up and called Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi "Crazy Nancy"as a form of direct address, life and in the middle of interviewing her.

Cramer was asking Pelosi about how a deal could be made between her and Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin.

"What deal can we have, crazy Nancy," he said, before apologizing and saying, "I'm sorry, that was the president. I have such reverence for the office that I would never use that term."

 "Oh come on," he said, "you know what I mean."

Cramer appears genuinely distressed by his faux pas on air and quickly does his best to backtrack, saying he didn't mean to say that. Pelosi does not look at all pleased.

This comes on the heels of some strong criticism from CNN host Don Lemon of Pelosi for the now-viral hair salon incident. That time, no apologies were included.

This is a surprising move for Don Lemon, a staunch Democrat, so close to the presidential elections coming up on November 4. Cramer, on the other hand, has presented a very apolitical demeanor throughout the years.

He has been on very good terms with Pelosi. Naturally, people were quick to comment on the incident:

Speculation abounds regarding whether this was an epithet commonly used in the newsroom (and perhaps others) for Pelosi, and whether Cramer slipped up by sheer force of habit.

There are also some comments on the nature of Pelosi herself.


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