CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Older white man violently attacked by black man in store for allegedly not wearing mask

 There’s a video circulating on social media this morning that shows a black man violently attack an older white man by sucker punching him when he turns around to walk away:

 The punch to the face is very hard, knocking the older white man to the floor. Thankfully he wasn’t knocked unconscious.

So far I haven’t been able to find any more on this video than what we see. I don’t know where it took place and what was said but I can’t imagine there’s any justification for a violent assault like this, especially when it appears the older white man turns to walk away.

The presumption on Twitter and elsewhere is the altercation was because the man wasn’t wearing a mask. And by the way, when I say ‘older white man’ I don’t mean elderly. But clearly, the white man is much older than the black man who attacks him, I’m guessing at least double his age. Also, I’m not trying to make this about race by denoting their races. Maybe it is about race, maybe it isn’t. My descriptions are only to note what happened in the video.

If you know any more about this video, send me a tip.

ECHO this:


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