Breaking: AG Bill Barr Says “There Could Be” More Indictments in the Ongoing Durham Probe

 Investigative reporter Catherine Herridge at CBS News broke news on Wednesday night on the ongoing Durham investigation.

Attorney General Bill Barr sat with NBC News’s Pete Williams on Wednesday and said he is not going to characterize where US Attorney John Durham is on his investigation.

Breaking: AG Bill Barr Says “There Could Be” More Indictments in the Ongoing Durham Probe

AG Barr also said there could be more indictments to come in the Durham probe.

As Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch tweeted earlier today that there has been zero accountability for the “intelligence community” after it was caught in a seditious coup against a candidate and then President Trump.

This is very troubling to most Americans who are paying attention. How are US citizens supposed to trust their government when political operatives can go rogue and attempt to overthrow a sitting president and NO ONE is held accountable?

 Tonight Catherine Herridge tweeted out some nuggets from AG Bill Barr’s NBC interview. But Barr says there may be more indictments to come.

Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok is out with a new book and a James Comey film is set to play this fall. Obviously, these two central characters in the attempted coup of President Trump are not worried about their prospects of being indicted any time soon.


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