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AG Bill Barr Executes Operation Legend – His Feds Just Arrested 1,000 And Charged Over 200 For Federal Offenses

U.S. Lawyer General William Barr has been occupied recently. Longer than a month back, the AG propelled an exceptional activity intended to target wrongdoing the nation over.

Also, presently, that activity has yielded noteworthy outcomes — a considerable number of captures have been made, and hundreds deal with government indictments.

AG Bill Barr Executes Operation Legend – His Feds Just Arrested 1,000 And Charged Over 200 For Federal Offenses

Barr executed "Activity Legend" on July 8. In the 5 weeks since it started, government organizations have placed a major scratch in criminal ventures.

The activity is portrayed as follows:

"… a continued, precise and composed law authorization activity during which government law implementation offices work associated with state and neighborhood law requirement authorities to battle savage wrongdoing."

The Trump organization has frequently been blamed for making strong moves, yet neglecting to create huge outcomes.

In any ca…

130,150 have signed Petition Remove Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House!

We the American people are fed up with the house democrats not fulfilling their elected duties. Nancy Pelosi’s hatred of our current president has rendered her unable to do her job as speaker of the house. She should immediately step down as Speaker of the house and resign from her duties on capitol hill.

She has wasted millions of our tax dollars trying to Impeach the 45th president of the United States. She is incapable and unwilling to support her duties and the American People. If she was a work-a-day person working like you and I in the private sector she would have been fired a long time ago.

As a speaker, Rep. Pelosi presided over some of the worst years in modern American history.

While President George W. Bush often gets most of the blame, and unfairly so, for the 2008 economic crash, few remember Democrats had been running Congress for nearly two years leading up to the recession, when Rep. Pelosi was the party’s most prominent and vocal leader.

          It was Rep. Pelosi…


Protect the November 2020 Election by Offering Vote-by-Mail in all 50 States

In the wake of the coronavirus crises, many Americans are concerned about their ability to vote in a safe manner, or that the November election could be postponed.

Elections are our nation’s most important collective activity. They, like all other mass participatory activities, must be adjusted and improved to protect public health and democracy alike.

The best way to ensure a safe, on-time, fair and inclusive election is for all 50 states to offer vote-by-mail or no-excuse absentee option, and be prepared to send mail-in ballots to all registered voters. States like Colorado and Oregon already employ such a system and have higher voter participation rates than the national average.

If we as a nation begin planning for this now, with adequate federal funding, we can ensure an election that is safe for all eligible Americans. We can also safeguard the election from attempts to subvert the will of the people th…

After Pelosi Declares Trump’s WH Acceptance Speech “Won’t Happen” – Donald Stands Up And Blows Nancy Off

What’s Happening:

In light of this year’s unusual circumstances, the traditional political conventions will be much different.

Joe Biden will continue to stay in his basement, not attending the event in Wisconsin.

President Trump and the GOP have been changing their plans. The latest appears to be Trump accepting the nomination from the White House lawn.

Nancy Pelosi felt the need to comment:

When asked if she can actually “stop” Trump, Pelosi reiterated “he can’t do that” and condemned him by saying “You don’t have political events in the White House.” She also called it a “diversion” on Trump’s part for his failings on the coronavirus.

Then-President Trump gave Pelosi the bad news:

Trump Wednesday dismissed legal questions surrounding potential plans to deliver his GOP nomination acceptance speech from the White House, emphasizing that the federal Hatch Act does not apply to the president.

“It is legal. There is no Hatch Act because it doesn’t pertain to the president,” Trump told r…