Should Hillary Clinton Be in Jail For Crime Of Treason?

Hillary Clinton Broke countless laws from money laundering, accepting money from foreign governments to work against US interest, to destruction evidence while under subpoena to cover her tracks.
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Many people now know that Peter Strzok changed the words on Dir. Comey’s statement in order to ensure Hillary Clinton wouldn’t face jail time for the laws she broke during the email debacle so let’s explore more reasons Hillary Clinton deserves to be in prison.


- Russia paid Hillary $145million to get Uranium One pushed through.
- The Russian Government’s Atomic Agency bought Uranium One.
- Russia paid John Podesta (Close Clinton Friend) to lobby Hillary on behalf of the European Center for a Modern Ukraine. (A front group for Putin Backed President of Ukraine)

- Uranium One granted Russia control of 20% of America’s Uranium mining rights in America.
- An FBI informant that had been spying on Putin for the FBI has since come forward and testified that he saw Russians bragging about how they bought off Hillary Clinton. He said that the Russians wanted to attack America’s Energy Independence.

- Media bring up the fact that Hillary wasn’t the only person to approve the deal.
- There were 8 agencies involved in approving Uranium One but only one agency head (Hillary Clinton) was paid $145 Million. Along with the FBI informant and Hillary’s history of taking cash to give out favors (Saudi Arabia, Haiti, etc…)
Sidenote: Hillary should go to jai for what she did to Haiti alone!


- Hillary was under subpoena when she deleted 33,000 emails. She used a program called BleachBit that does a military grade wipe of data.

This goes against 18 US code 793

 She then had her team use Hammers to destroy mobile devices and laptops.

- It is illegal to store or transfer classified information on an unsecured server.

- It’s also illegal to store or transfer classified information on a private server whether intentionally or with “gross negligence” which is everything because we are all briefed on the expectations and ramifications when you take the background check to get a secret or top secret clearance. (I have a secret clearance)

- Peter Strzok (FBI Agent who as highly partisan and sent text to the Agent he was cheating on his wife with regarding his disdain for Trump) changed the wording on Dir. Comey’s memo from “Gross Negligence” to “Extremely Careless” to avoid criminal implications.

- She then lied about wiping the servers and destroying evidence for a year.

- Hillary sent top secret information including HumInt (Human Intelligence aka Spies) and SigInt (Signal Intelligence aka secure communication channels) on her unsecure private server.

- 1 spy who’s name was revealed in Hillary’s emails has been killed. It’s almost impossible to confirm if it was directly related to Hillary allowing their identity to be found. If this happened it’s be a national travesty!

- Hillary could serve up to three years for this


  1. No one is above the Law! Not the Clinton's, not Pelosi, not Comey, not McCabe, not Obama or his constituents and their fake probe in the 2016 election. They all need to be brought to Justice and are traitors of this country


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