WATCH: Vernon Jones Blasts Biden “You’re not entitled to black support, Joe”

Rep. Vernon Jones, a Georgia Democrat who endorsed Trump for President, has reacted to former Vice President Joe Biden’s controversial remarks.

Per LA Times, Biden, whose presidential bid was buoyed in the primary by support from African Americans, came under scrutiny Friday for telling a radio host that black people who were considering voting for President Donald Trump “ain’t black.”

Vernon Jones wrote on Twitter:

I woke up to news this morning that apparently, “I ain’t black”@JoeBiden – who are you, to tell 1+ million black Americans who voted for @realDonaldTrump, that we aren’t black?

Jones then released a video and wrote in the intro:

I’ve been black all my life.

But I’ve never been anyone’s property, especially not @JoeBiden.

You’re not entitled to black support, Joe. You haven’t even earned it.



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