Nancy Pelosi Just Crossed Another Line – After Calling Trump Fat, Now She Claims Donald Told People To Breathe Lysol

he feud between Nancy Pelosi and President Trump is only getting hotter.

Pelosi insulted Trump, calling him “morbidly obese.” CNN had to debunk that claim.

Trump responded by suggesting Nance has “mental problems.” Now, Pelosi made another claim that had to be fact-checked.
Nancy Pelosi Just Crossed Another Line – After Calling Trump Fat, Now She Claims Donald Told People To Breathe Lysol
From Daily Wire:

Pelosi has since responded by… falsely claiming that he told people to “put Lysol into their lungs,” an oft-repeated mischaracterization of Trump’s question about how disinfectants might be used to kill the virus.

Dang, Pelosi. Trump is taking up so much real estate in her head, that she can’t even keep up with the insults.

In response to Trump’s comments, Pelosi claimed he told people to “put Lysol in their lungs.” This is so last week, Nance.

No wonder Trump thinks she has mental issues.

The media tried to pounce on some comments Trump made about disinfectants. They quickly spread the false statement that Trump told people to drink bleach or use Lysol.

This wild mischaracterization was largely abandoned by the media when actual video footage of Trump’s statements spread online.

Yet Pelosi is so out of jabs against the president, she has to dig up this pathetic line.

She sounds like a child shouting, “Well, I’m rubber and you’re glue!”

Honestly, Nance got caught showing some petty shade at Trump’s weight. Trump didn’t even respond to that. He simply expressed a common concern about Pelosi and other Democrats’ mental faculties.

Not only did Nancy continue to complain about Trump’s weight, but she threw out this ridiculous statement.

Does Pelosi have anything else better to do? Trump is working around the clock for Americans.

Each day we see him doing something new to end the crisis and get Americans back to work.

Is Pelosi’s fulltime job now just talking to reporters? Is she on CNN’s payroll now? Or does she actually have something to do in Congress? (Besides pushing massive spending bills?)

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  1. Impeach nancy pelosi. Trump may be fat but shes a drunk and once a drunk always a drunk. A fat person can loose weight and get healthy. A drunk cant do anything but drink.

    1. She did nothing impeachable. You idiots will fall for anything. An ignorant person will always be ignorant. #fckTrump (And he is fat)

    2. You are a typical democRat with a trash mouth and mind of a goat. All they do is eat garbage and smell. Pelosi is a drunk and does not care a thing about your defense.

  2. Remove her false teeth. Give her more wine.

  3. It would be cheaper for "we the people" to do an intervention and send Nanc to AA than to continue to pay her bar bill.

  4. CNN is just as fake as Nasty Nancy and that is fake to the nth degree !


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