After House Dems Try To Push Impeachment – Supreme Court Rules For Trump, Denies Their Grand Jury Evidence

Did you really think Democrats would give up their impeachment dreams after February? Of course not.

Even with a crisis hammering the country, House Democrats are searching for new reasons to take down President Trump.
After House Dems Try To Push Impeachment – Supreme Court Rules For Trump, Denies Their Grand Jury Evidence
They went all the way to the Supreme Court for documents from—get this—the Mueller probe. But the Supreme Court knocked them down.

From Fox News:

The Supreme Court temporarily denied a motion Wednesday from House Democrats to obtain grand-jury testimony and other documents from former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation as they conduct what they’ve referred to as an “ongoing presidential impeachment investigation” into President Trump.

The Supreme Court denied a motion from House Democrats for a grand-jury testimony from Mueller’s Russian probe.

Even though Mueller’s investigation and report are old news, House Democrats think they can find something in it to use against Trump.

Here’s our take:
Democrats admitted to the court what we’ve known all along, that despite the fact they lost the impeachment battle, they’re still trying to investigate Trump.

Now, they claim these documents from the Mueller probe relate to the prosecutions of Roger Stone and Michael Flynn.

It seems, with bombshells coming out that appear to clear Flynn’s name, Democrats are trying to turn the tables.

After all, liberals in the media have been going after Flynn for years. Now, with the hope that his name might be cleared (and Obama’s administration getting tarnished), Democrats are hoping to flip the script.

House Democrats still have until June 1 to explain to the court why they need these documents.

But let’s be honest, do you really think there is anything in there that will hurt Trump?

The Mueller probe is long over. Mueller himself said he did not find evidence any American worked with Russia in 2016.

Yet Democrats still bang the Russian collusion drum. Why?

For years they’ve been trying to convince Americans that Trump is some kind of Russian agent. Yet few of us see any smoke from this “fire.”

With the November election around the corner, it’s hard not to believe they are only doing this to affect the outcome.

For nearly four years, House Democrats have refused to work with this president. Even to this very day, they instead work overtime to undermine him.

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  1. The walls are caving in in the Democrats,. There lies had been exposed and there backed into a corner. Election fraud is there last chance to hold on to there power. Will see how that works out for them in November? They've already been busted bribing election officials in Philadelphia.


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